Hello! Our site is still under construction as we look for the best way to categorize protest information in the most accessible way. What is currently on here is far from all the accounts we have collected so far, which in turn, of course, is far from a comprehensive list.

The most recent info on protests we've collected is from Portland, Oregon, and can be found here.

The "donate" tab links you to comedy album and artwork for sell by Cienna Jade. This website used to be exclusively to promote comedy, but has since been converted to the Spare Gary. If you do decide to donate--thank you. We'll distribute it to our team and to PPE for protests.

Spreadsheet of information collected, corroborated, and sorted so far:

You can download the spreadsheet here.

We're organizing incidents by the following categories:

  • Weapons Tactics Targets - this category includes who police do and do not target, their methods, and what weapons they use
  • Menacing Medics - this category is dedicated to documenting police attacks on medics, medic stations, and first aid supplies
  • Repressing the Press - this category is dedicated to documenting police attacks on journalists
  • Vehicular Violence - this category is for documenting vehicles used as threats or weapons against protesters
  • Officially Lying - this category documents lies about incidents surrounding protests police and state agencies have been caught in

Rest in Power - those we've lost to lynchings/racially motivated violence since protests began

Processed with MOLDIV

So what are we doing here?

Hi, I'm Cienna Jade. I'm normally a comedian who works in the PNW. I don't do Zoom or podcasts and I don't much care for outdoor shows and am thus out of work. So, for the time being, I have converted my comedy website to organize documentation of ongoing protests and news surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement. I'm leaving my store up, in case you're feeling generous enough to buy an art or comedy album from me, but otherwise this site will be entirely dedicated to the information surrounding the protests following the murder of George Floyd.