The following is a collection of social media posts, pictures, videos, and articles detailing events in Portland, Oregon. Note it's far from comprehensive. Discretion is advised if you plan on watching the videos.

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May 31, 2020


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Above tweet reads: "

thanks for the pepper spray and beatings today. Might be time to fire Officer Smith who you can see full on swinging and beating with his baton. #PortlandProtests #BlackLivesMatter

#GeorgeFloyd #PoliceBrutality"

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June 3, 2020

Portland Police SUVS speed through street while people are trying to move barricades.
Video below, source of video here. Article about incident here.

June 11, 2020

June 11, 2020. Police running charge at protesters - video below.
OP claims source of video is

Medic account of June 11 in Facebook post. Name redacted to protect source. Post reads:

"Tonight, in Portland, police destroyed our medical supplies, and told us to leave. when we complied, they grabbed a woman out of the crowd and beat her to a pulp. All of us had our hands up.
They cornered us, shoulder to shoulder, people were begging to just go home.
An officer grabbed me, took off my helmet, and punched me in the back of the head.
I managed to shove my way back to the other medics. The cops told us that now we could leave, as they were done hitting us.
We started to leave, and they separated us, deploying more flashbangs and teargas. Pointing 40mm guns at us point blank.
It's not "a few bad apples".
I watched them, an hour later. Sitting on their swat van, exchanging stories of brutalizing civilians and laughing.
Im not going to draw some preachy conclusion from this to close this post. I just want you all to know that this is real, this is happening, this HAS been happening for some time, and it needs to stop. Now."
Medic account of destruction of supplies and violence by police 06:11:2020 Portland, OR

Video of flashbang thrown without warning, protestors being kettled. Video found on Facebook.

Post with an article attached.

Post reads: "Tear gas will continue!"

Article here.

06:11:2020 Portland OR post of tear gas continued use Wheeler will not ban

June 12, 2020

Police twist protestor's neck.

Tweet reads:

"Portland Police tried to seriously injure my partner ⁦
⁩ by twisting her neck. It’s literally on tape. Her crime was being next to me while I was being arrested. My crime was being at a protest. We are still in ongoing litigation around this incident."

Retweet comment reads: "For those of you unfamiliar with Portland public health and local politics, @KatNStevens is a board member of a medical clinic, and @GregoryMcKelvey is the campaign manager for a mayoral candidate."

Source here.

Video from that night's protest:

June 19-20 2020

Posted on Facebook. Post reads: "I meant to post sarcastic and silly observations from the sacred fence tonight, but within five minutes of arriving I saw a girl get shot in the arm. PoliCe culture is really killing comedy."

06:19:2020 Portland OR post about person shot in arm

Posted on Facebook the following day in the early hours of the morning. Post reads: "The police opened fire tonight with zero warning.

"They're, like, super not supposed to do that. But, whatever.
There was a dude who got shot straight in the side of the head. He bled everywhere and needed to be bandaged multiple times throughout the evening. Crazy motherfucker kept coming back for more.
We could feel the bullets whizzing past our bodies. All that really got me was a pepper ball, which I call, "the spicy air."

Lotsa kids took direct hits though."

06:20:2020 Portland OR police open fire wo warning post

June 26, 2020

Justice Center Report
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06:26:2020 Portland OR JC report

June 28, 2020

Attempted vehicular violence. Facebook post reads: "HEADS UP someone tried to drive into the crowd in downtown Portland again tonight."

06:28:2020 Portland OR attempted vehicle violence

June 30, 2020

Video of journalist being arrested. Journalist is visibly vomiting from tear gas exposure.

July 2, 2020

Tweet from ACLU reads: "BREAKING: A federal court has issued a temporary restraining order blocking Portland police from stopping journalists and legal observers from covering and observing protests.

The order, which comes in a lawsuit filed by the @ACLU_OR, is a victory for the First Amendment.

07:02:2020 Portland OR temporary order agianst police stopping journalists