Oxygen is the least of our losses when it comes to the burning of the Amazon

Boiling the wrongs of letting the Amazon burn down to just “omg our oxygen though” is way oversimplified and a huge disservice to what’s at stake for several important reasons:

1. No, the Amazon is not the main source of the planet’s oxygen, plankton is by a huge, huge margin. If oxygen is your main concern, you should be reading up on what’s happening to our oceans and how to help with that, because (big surprise) there’s also a huge crisis happening there.

2. However, the Amazon is one of the Earth’s most important air filters, what many refer to as a “carbon sink.” Basically, it absorbs more greenhouse gases than it produces (a lot more), a phenomenon that’s been steadily decreasing over decades of deforestation and fires, so this really big fire is happening to a forest that’s already far less than what it should be.

3. It’s one of the biggest ecosystems on the planet with the greatest biodiversity. There are 1000s upon 1000s of different species living there and only there. Why is that important? Well, if you’re gonna be selfish about it, there’s crucial scientific knowledge we could glean from those species to help with a variety of things from medicine to infrastructure to idk, fashion and makeup ideas, whatever.

Also, we are already in the Earth’s 6th extinction event, and losing a big chunk of the Amazon to fascist greed is a really fucking big deal as far as it will accelerate that (and the more species the planet loses, the more tenuous life becomes for all the species that remain, i.e. the more likely we are to go extinct).

4. These fires are an attack on the indigenous Amazon people who have lived in and cared for this land for at least 30,000 years and probably far more–it’s genocide.

I know it’s more convenient to simplify things, but please let’s be conscientious about how we choose to simplify them, because the oxygen production we lose from this government sponsored terror attack is actually pretty low on the list of concerns. Comparatively, losing a big air filter, further ignoring the fascist movements rising globally that are committing genocide and wanton destruction of our ecosystems, and looking the other way as we speed up the Holocene Extinction Event are way, way more important and need your focus.

This is being done, intentionally, for the sake of imperialist capitalism. It is not a tragic accident, it’s a crime against humanity and earthlings in general–don’t let them trick you into framing it as anything but.

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